Click the picture to get a PDF summing up the session

Click the picture to get a PDF summing up the session

Thanks for coming!

I hope you enjoyed the session we had at EuropCom. You can find out more about the sort of training we do at CIRCOM here.

If you want to get in touch with me to discuss training or consulting opportunities, just write me a line.

Mindmaps of your group work

You'll find the maps you created during training as:

  • a view-only web page
  • a text PDF file
  • an editable OPML format (understood by most mind mapping software)

There's a large array of free mind mapping software available. Depending on your platform, you can pick one from this search page. For the curious, the one I used during training is called MindNode and works on iOS and macOS.

Bohemian Rhapsody/ Game changers

The Fishers

Post Truth World

Team Stan

Sources of data about the European Union

Inspiring formats seen in training, and some more

Here are formats in their original language. You can often use Youtube's built-in automatic subtitles to follow but the most interesting is to get a general idea of what the format is about and to see the way it was is designed to reach it's audience.

  • All Funk formats
  • Draw my news, a series of explainers in drawing or motion design
  • Deutschland 3000, a series about politics for young adults on Youtube and mainly facebook
  • Brut, a short, efficient ways to alert the public about news without feeling the need to be exhaustive. On all platforms, sub-divided by genre and in six countries across the world
  • Stortvildet, a video series designed to talk politics before the parlimentiary elections in Norway (I know, it's not in the EU but it's still a very good format 😎)
  • Strikethrough, a Vox format about the way the American media is dealing with politics in the age of Trump.
  • Vaalikone The "Voting Machine", as literally translated from Finnish or "Election compass" as the brand used in English. It's a "match your ideas with a politician" game. (available in English, Finnish and Swedish). Currently online for the upcoming presidential election. Still in it's early phase for this election.